Some basic patterns set in random order

The next thing I did was even simpler really. I picked out ten nice looking and varied fair isle patterns -Pinterest seemed to be the best resource for them and then generated some random numbers in the console and knitted those patterns in the assigned random order.

Here are some of the patterns.


Here two patterns are next to each other that are too similar and they give a weir effect where they bleed into each other.


The same thing happened here.

In fair isle designs made by humans there are often strips or borders between the complicated patterns so this doesn’t happen.


Generated Blocks

Fair isle patterns are just stripes of repeating blocks. The first thing I decided to make were some randomly generated block patterns.

I used the javascript console to generate the random numbers for this but there was very little coding in the project at this point. I used the console to selected random numbers between 0 and 9 and then I had a ten item array it picked from, designed to weight the random blocks so medium numbers came up more often than large or small ones. It looked like this.

const blockSize = [2, 4, 4, 4, 6, 6, 6, 6, 12, 12];

I drew up the block patterns in my notebook and knitted them.

I quite like the way they don’t look like any kind of pattern a human would design on purpose.


Welcome to my old school blog about my project to make code generated fair isle knitting designs.

I’m really fascinated by the connections between knitting and coding. Knitting patterns are written in a kind of code that is very similar to a coding language. I wonder if it would be possible to teach a machine to read them?

This project is about making code generated fair isle inspired patterns and knit them and see what they look like.