How to be Fat

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“Funny, feminist and unfettered” A Younger Theatre
“Her turn of phrase is always superb and thought provoking” Fringe Review****

how-to-be-fat-a2-poster-v2.3Hello. I am fat and I know I am fat.

How to be Fat is an hour long solo comedy theatre show about having a fat body. It premiered in Brighton Fringe 2015 at The Marlborough Theatre on 20th and 21st May. It then transferred to New Diorama Theatre London on 29th and 30th May.

How to be Fat Reviews from Brighton Fringe 2015
A Younger Theatre | Fringe Review

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How to be Fat was on at Zoo Southside at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015.
7th – 31st August

Press release

A solo comedy show for anybody, ideally a fat one. Not how to get fat (no one knows how to do that) how to BE fat. How to have a fat body. I have a fat body. And being fat is difficult. Maybe I should make a show about having a fat body. Maybe that would be helpful. For me. How to diet. How to love yourself the way you are. How to flatter yourself. How to be OK.

Praise for Werewolf Erotica, She Wrote.
“Wickedly funny” ★★★★ The Latest.
“Delivered with warmth, candour and simplicity” ★★★★ Three Weeks

There will be a Guess My Weight competition get it right and you can win me. It’s not a great prize, I’m expensive to run. But try anyway. For the glory.

Alongside How to be Fat the show, I Instagrammed everything I ate from Nov 2014 – Feb 2015. You can see it all here

My blog about being fat.