Badges for Fats


Are you a fat blogger, fatshion blogger, fat activist or other variety of awesome online fatty? If so, I would like to give you a badge from my show How to be Fat. The badge says this is how fat I am and looks like this.

badges crop

I’m giving away badges partly to say thank you to all the visible fats who have made me feel better about my fat body – I think what you all do is amazing and genuinely a massive force for good in the world – and partly, obviously, if awesome fats wear my badge it is excellent promo for my work.

So, if you would like one, just drop your address to me on mathildia {at} gmail {dot} com (do watch the spelling of my email, it catches people out all the time). And spread the word to other fats if you can.

You can also get the badges by supporting my Kickstarter. (fully funded now). Or by coming to THE SHOW

Mathilda x