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I’m a journalist specialising in feminist reaction to popular culture. Geeky and/or lady-centric culture in particular. Which means I write mostly about women, sexuality and feminism and also about TV and pop culture. I like ladies’/girls’/women’s culture a lot (examples of my obsessions with Twilight and Titanic below). I also like to write about radical femininity, sex positive feminism and fatness. I think TV is pretty great.

I am also very interested in writing about comedy. I’m a stand up, comedy writer and comedy reviewer. (And when I was a kid, I taped radio 4 sitcoms instead of the charts.)

mathildia (at) gmail (dot) com

I write an excellent blog about feminism and femininity called Femme Ephemera.

I contribute regularly to the Guardian in the TV and comment sections.


How My Werewolf Erotica Got Reviewed by a US Judge
Elementary is More than a Sherlock Pastiche
Why Doctor Who Needs More Female Writers

DF-15157.jpg titanic doctor who cake big brother

I also contribute to The F Word, where, up until recently, I was the TV and video games editor, and where I also write culture reviews.



I am a senior reviewer and Brighton editor for Fringe Guru – arts reviewing is a huge passion and I’m particularly interested in writing about stand up comedy as an artform and the borderlines between stand up and theatre.


wrongies Josie Long The Future is Another Place Jonny Woo Wonder Woo-Man Jim Jeffries Fully Functional Frisky and Mannish School of Pop

dreamthinkspeak The Rest is Silence Chris Dangerfield Sex Tourist

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